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Customers who watch the process of whole animal butchery are more closely connected to the food they consume. 

By being able to actually identify the body part on your plate, you begin to understand the responsibility of consuming meat and feel the gratitude for the life that was given. 

The appreciation for this makes the food taste even better.


"Two-thirds of consumers say clean eating is a path to better eating," said Darren Seifer, a food-and-beverage analyst at the consumer market research firm NPD Group. " 

That means that 'I want to know what happened to this livestock before it hits the shelf.' 

By going to the local butcher, consumers have a tighter connection to the supply chain than at larger stores."

Danny Johnson agrees. “There’s kind of a renaissance right now as people look into where their food comes from and how they’re raised,” said Johnson, 

co-owner of Taylor's Market in Sacramento and member of The Butchers Guild, a national butchers trade organization. 

“Earlier it was about convenience, but now it has come full ci