The SistrunKollective is a Co-op style retail boutique featuring merchandise by local artisans and entrepreneurs.


Who is managing the SistrunKollective?

Joshua Tiktin, who has operated four similarly-conceptualized retail co-op’s since 2003. 

(Wynwood, MASS District, Hallandale, and the U Street Corridor in Washington, DC).

What exactly is the SistrunKollective?

The SistrunKollective is a retail boutique which offers rentable display space for local artisans and vendors. Typical products may include (but are not limited to); clothing, jewelry, art, candles, soaps/beauty products, sunglasses, wall or shelf art/photography, hats, handbags, fudge/chocolates/candies, aromatherapy, and small gift items.

Where is the SistrunKollective located?

The boutique is located inside the Sistrunk Marketplace, 115 NW 6th Street in Fort Lauderdale's  Art District. The daily lunch and dinner crowds that come to enjoy the 10 top-quality restaurants within the Marketplace will greatly benefit the member-businesses within the Kollective. Also, Weekly and monthly events to help draw shopping crowds!

How do I apply to become a member of the SistrunKollective?

All potential occupants can apply through the website. Within the application, you will be asked questions about your business. We'll review all potential applicants and make determinations as to ensure a vibrant, non-repetitive and all-encompassing line-up of unique businesses and start-ups for a projected opening Late 2019. The success of the Kollective hinges on the synergy of a carefully curated, diverse line-up of vendors.

What are the display options?

We will be offering custom, rustic wood and iron shelving units and clothing racks, as well as lockable glass displays. More features that we are excited to present are rolling workstations and storage space for those who would like to create their products on site (and safely store their tools and materials). Since we have custom builders on site, we are able to make non-standard displays if needed.

What will the lease terms look like?

Our standard space is $195 per month, which includes either a 4’ shelving unit or clothing rack system with shelves or a large (lockable) glass display case. This is for a one year lease term. If member prefers a 6 month term, the monthly fee is $225. We also offer two, 4’ horizontal glass display spaces located at the point of checkout for $295 per month each ($350 for a 6 month term). Finally, we have four “Maker Spaces”, which include a rolling workstation, storage, and display space. These are $495 per month ($575 for a 6 month term). Members are required to pay the first and last month’s rental fee up front, as well as a one-time, non-refundable display prep fee (which is equal to 1 months rent)

Work share and sales?

Members will be required to work four 6 hour shifts per month. Those who can not or do not want to work can pay $50 per shift for a salesperson. A workstation will be available during shifts so members can create while at work. Shifts are also an ideal time to refresh and restock display spaces, connect with new clients, market work-related social media posts, and to make sales of course! The sales structure works on an 80/10/10 basis, which means that members will receive 80% on their sales, 10% goes to the store, and 10% goes to the member who made the sale. This will incentivize members to sell everybody’s products. Therefore, when you work a shift, you will make 90% on sales of your own products plus 10% of the sales you make for your co-members. As far as sales tax is concerned, members must include that in the cost of their products and handle that individually. We will display a “sales tax included” sign at the checkout stations. Sales tax will not be owed, handled, or managed by the Kollective since the rental fees and commissions earned by the store are solely for the cost of the leased space. There are no product sales made by the store itself. There will be no in-store refunds, however, we recommend member-businesses to assist and take care of customers who have issues. Your business cards should be made available, and impressive signage is a must!

What else do I need to know?

• The SistrunKollective and Sistrunk Marketplace has marketing and promotions staff that will be constantly promoting and booking events. While it is impossible to estimate the percentage of time that there will be events in this open air space, there will be signature events and featured activation's to highlight the overall Food Hall and Boutique in order to drive traffic into the vendors’ spaces.

• Members are encouraged to host promotional events on site for your business, such as a product launch or anniversary. We will also be producing soft and grand opening events for the boutique in general.

• Sistrunk Marketplace and the SistrunKollective are open seven days a week. The specific hours for the space will vary, but are planned to be 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. with possible consideration for extended hours on weekends, Friday & Saturday evenings to 12am and Saturday and Sunday Mornings opening at 9am.

• We are open minded, tell us about your ideas and we will consider th

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