千羽鶴 Senbazuru,  which literally means, one thousand origami cranes, unveils one of Japan’s mystical creatures -- the crane -- who is said to live for a thousand years! Ancient Japanese legend vows that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes 

will be granted a wish by the gods.  

At Senbazuru, we believe food is a gateway to culture. 

Food is an expression of one’s cultural identity beautifully intertwined and imprinted at the core of one’s being. Food grants us access to a world of flavors, eagerly awaiting to be discovered. It allows us to experience something new, different, while simultaneously uncover an untrodden region of the world, its customs, its history with awe, gusto and delight.   In the here and now, food can serve as a conduit to broaden one’s horizons, experience unventured cultures, savor the unknown. It is, as a result of this new encounter, that a new sense of being is born. Join us at Senbazuru as we explore culture 

through the world of tapas and beyond! 

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